Easy ways to get better resale value for your car and bike!

For most of us, our car is like a second home. Long distance commutes, fast paced lifestyle ensure that we spend hours travelling in our car. From grocery shopping, carpooling, mid-way munches, cramping to harsh weather conditions, our car endures it all. During this process, our car takes a lot of beating, accumulates trash and gets old that affects its resale value.

In such cases, protecting the overall look of your car is a must. To make your life simple, here are a few easy ways that can help you get a better resale value:-

Wash your car/bike more regularly:


The built-up dust, grime and dirt not only makes your car look bad but also ruins its paintwork. If you face such issues, a weekly wash is a must. With products like Schützen Crystal Shine Wash & Wax, you are guaranteed to keep your car looking great round the year.

Check tyre pressure:


Checking tyres of your car or bike on a regular basis can drastically reduce the unwanted punctures. In catastrophic situations, it could also save your life. Hence, examine them on a regular basis and ensure to keep the tyre pressure at optimum level. This will reduce the strain on the car’s suspension and help boost mileage.

Pay heed to the fluids:


A wise man once rightly said, “A stitch in time saves nine”, and we at Schützen would advise you the same. It is advised that you check your brake fluid, clutch fluid, coolant and oil regularly. This will let you enjoy your ride worthwhile.

Invest in high-quality cleaning and shining products:


Supreme quality car and bike car products are a must for every owner. They are your best friends when it comes to getting rid of dust, dirt and grime. With our wide range of car and bike products, you can get rid of the worst of dirt and achieve the best of shine. Moreover, our three unique advanced technologies will definitely go a long way in delivering results you desire!

Don’t forget your insurance:


While we provide supreme bike and car products for the interior and exteriors, we all often forget the paperwork. With the traffic rules getting tighter in India, make sure to keep your PUC (pollution under control), car documents and the most important of all, your car insurance.

So make sure to keep the above tips in mind, they will help you get a better resale value that you desire.

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