What makes Schützen products so special?

Driving is not ordinary. It can be fun, exciting and comforting. It can also be an escape or a way of therapy. While you are often lost enjoying this experience, it is likely that you miss out on taking care of your car. The hot and dusty summers, the cold winters and the harsh rains tend to steal away your car’s beauty.


So what do we do?

We take special care from time to time.

To take special care, you need to have special cleaning products. These products will not only protect your car but also prove to be beneficial in the long run. We at Schützen will give you enough reasons why our products are actually special.

Bike and car care experts:

Schützen products are reliable and delighting. They are ideal for any car or bike that needs complete pampering on the interior and exterior.


Our products are known to remove the worst of dirt and stains due to the combined power of three powerful technologies. These advanced technologies are already popular among many car and bike lovers.

Water beading-


This modern technology does not let water to settle on the car or bike surface thanks to its roll-out effect. This leaves your car surface completely dry leaving no room for dirt or dust to adhere.

Nano technology-

This technology cleans the deepest corners of your vehicle effectively. This leaves your car surface sparkling clean.

Self-Crosslinking Polymer technology-

Abstract blue molecular nanostructure model

The polymer technology forms a protective layer on the vehicle that guards your car against dust and dirt.


Our advanced car and bike cleaning technology helps you clean and shine your car from the interior and exterior. Moreover, to avail such products, you do not have to spend a fortune.

Easy to use:

Cleaning your car or bike can be a messy affair for anyone, especially if the products are not user-friendly. Our trendy products come in spray and squeeze bottles, which assures to make cleaning a simple and easy process.


Besides leaving your car sparkling clean, our products come with fragrances that will ensure a citrusy ambience outside and woody aroma on the inside.

So the next time you are looking to buy ‘classy and affordable’ products, take a look at our unique and high-performing collection. We have everything you need under one roof!

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