Ordering & Shipping


This Shipping and Delivery policy sets out how Schutzen Car Care Private Limited (hereinafter “Schutzen”) will deliver the Products to a customer.

All capitalized terms not defined here shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Terms and Conditions of Use available here.


Schutzen endeavor to ship the Products to customers within 7 working days from the day of purchase of Products made by you. Currently we are shipping through Fedex Express TCSC India Pvt Ltd.

However, the duration of delivery of Products will be depending on customer location. Delivery time to the customer is subject to factors beyond our control (“Force Majeure Event”) including unexpected travel delays from our courier partners and transporters due to weather conditions and strikes. For some remote destinations in India the shipment time may be longer (up to 30 days). During the sale or festival period, some orders may take longer time for delivery as well. For orders with multiple Products and different delivery times, the longest delivery time applies.

Schutzen reserves the right to make delivery of the Products in installments. If the Products are to be delivered in installments, each delivery will constitute a separate contract. You may not treat the contract (as a w hole) as repudiated if Schutzen fails to deliver any one or more of the
installments or if you have a claim in respect of any one or more of the installments.

In the unusual event that any Product you have ordered is physically not available, or not in a condition to be shipped to you, we shall inform you accordingly, and cancel the Products from your order. In such cases your credit card will not be charged.


  • If a Product goes on partial order (i.e. if you order 2 Product and we only have 1 in stock) we will initiate you to explain the situation before shipping the Product.
  • We may ship you the part of your order that is in stock after consenting with you and when the Products becomes available we will ship you the rest of your order.
  • You will not be charged any additional shipping and handling charges for the second shipment. We also provide you option either to cancel the order of the Products which is not in stock or you can buy another product in place of your previously ordered Products (which is not in stock).
  • In case you choose to cancel the Products which is not in stock then we will refund you back relevant amount of Rupees to your credit card account within 7 business days.


Free shipping is available on bulk orders above Rs. 3000/- only.

We will notify you when your order is shipped and efforts will be made to give you a call (though not obliged) before delivering the ordered Products at your given address. If you are not available at the address to accept delivery, a further second attempt will be made within 7 days thereafter. In the event you are not available to accept delivery on second attempt, Schutzen may at its discretion charge you for the additional shipping cost on the third attempt made.

Schutzen will not be liable for any loss or expenses sustained by you arising from any delay in the delivery of the Products howsoever caused.