Bike Care Tips- Steps to make your bike look ‘Mind-Blowing’

Who doesn’t like motorbikes? A simple ride on it can help you de-stress, gives you a feeling of empowerment, it helps you discover new destinations, meet new riders and so on.

But just like any valuable possession, your bike too needs love and affection. And with adequate love, your bike is most likely to look mind-blowing as well.

Here’s how:

Give it a good wash:

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Dirt, dust, grime and bird droppings are inevitable. The best way to get rid of this is by giving it a good wash. Before you start preparing, ensure to remove the tank bags, baggage and other accessories. Gather all essential products like a washing liquid, cotton sponges, degreaser, WD40, metal polish, wax and more. In case you are looking for a high-quality clean and polish, check out our 2-in-1 clean and polish. Its unique cross-linking polymer technology gives excellent waxing and instant foaming for superior cleaning.

Use high-quality bike care products:

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If you want to make your bike look brand new, ensure to use the right products that guarantee to protect, clean and shine your bike. By using the right products correctly, you can obtain the desired results.  For instance, a degreaser can be used to remove oil and grease from the bike chain instantly.

Pay attention to detail:

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While you are washing and cleaning your bike, pay attention to details like cables, chain, wheel hubs and other small parts. Consider using a high quality Microfiber cloth that will be handy when it comes to removing dirt, dust and grime properly.

Wax it:

Bike Care Tips

Once you are done with the cleaning, use a superior quality wax like our 2-in-1 clean and polish. This product makes it easy to clean and wax any paint surface like chrome, aluminium, paint, leather and vinyl. Moreover, this wax will act as a UV protectant that will restore your paintwork at all times. Ensure to apply this wax on a regular basis to enhance the shine.

Lube it:

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Applying lube to your bike parts like cables, hinges and levers will protect it from harsh conditions. This will restore the lube where needed and ensure smooth functioning, always.

Cover it:


While cleaning and shining your bike is definitely a tedious affair, use a good bike cover to let the shine last long. Doing so will keep your bike clean from bad weather conditions, bird droppings and unwanted scratches. Also, the next time you decide to clean your bike, it will be easier and quicker.

So, if you know a biker who is looking for steps to clean and shine his bike, do guide them here and make their life easy.


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