Tips to Cleaning Car Interiors

When it comes to car interior cleaning, car owners are often lost deciding from where to start the process. The following seven steps will help each one of you in performing interior car cleaning with ease. Keeping these tips in mind, it will give you the same effect if you had to approach professional car care experts.

Remove floor mats, trash and other belongings:

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Before you start cleaning the interiors of your car, ensure to remove any kind of trash from the car’s interior. Follow this by removing floor mats and your other belongings.

Vacuum the dirt out:

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The next thing to do is clean the interiors of your car with the help of a vacuum cleaner.  As cars are usually filled with dirt and trash in tight corners, a vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice. Also, don’t forget to vacuum car seat seams, door handles, armrest and dashboard as well. In those hard to reach places, a can of compressed air will come in handy to blow out all the dirt.

Use Schützen products to clean your car:

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Often people make a mistake of using an ordinary cloth and soap water to clean the car interiors. This doesn’t help clean the car properly and also causes harm to the car seat leather. You can avoid this by simply purchasing Schützen’s microfiber cloth which is manufactured with industry-leading technology. It is super soft, unique and is an ideal tool to maintain your car’s appearance.

Along with the Schützen microfiber cloth, you can use our range of interior cleaning products – Essential Dashboard Conditioner, Leather Conditioner & Protectant and Leather Perfection Gel. These products are specially designed to clean tough stains, enhance user experience & make the car smell fresh. They are also used by leading car spas across the country.

Clean your car carpets and mats:

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Once done with upholstery cleaning, start cleaning the floor mats, however, make sure that you dry it properly so as to avoid the growth of molds and fungi.

Clean your windows:

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In order to get clean and streak-free windows, make use of a high-quality glass cleaner like Schützen’s Clear Shine Glass Cleaner. Specially formulated with water beading polymer technology, it ensures a clean & streak-free shine.


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Now that you have done your best, it’s time to put the carpets and your belongings back in place. Also, don’t forget to ensure that the interiors have dried.

So, with our range of easy to use products, car cleaning is no longer a tedious experience.

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