WINTER CAR CARE TIPS: 5 tips to keep your car in peak condition

Winter car care tips

Taking care of your car during winter can be a troublesome affair for many. The cold and dry streets can affect the exteriors of your car.  In such cases, you are expected to take complete care to ensure its smooth and efficient functioning.

Follow the below-given winter car care tips to ensure the overall health of your car:-


winter car care tipsEvery automobile not only needs a battery to start its engine but also to stabilize, filter and help start the headlights of a car. However, in winter, it becomes difficult for a car battery as its ability to accept a charge drops reducing its power output. Hence, it is important for you to check the upkeep of your car battery before onset of winter. This will ensure it is working in good condition and you will not have to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere.


winter car care tips

Just like your car battery, tyres play an important role too. They give you confidence while you are accelerating, turning and braking. But before you head out in the cold, ensure to inspect your tyres for any kind of wear and tear. For conditions in India, a good pair of high-performance tyres can do a great job. In case your car tyres need a change, consider replacing all four tyres at once. To ensure better lifespan, consider buying our Dull-2-Shine Tyre Spray! Its cross-linked polymer layer will protect the tyres from fading and cracking. It will also give a rich look to the exposed area of the tyre’s surface.

Washer fluid

winter car care tips

It is quite common for your car windshield to be covered with dirt, dust, muck or even dew. Having your car washer fluid filled will help in keeping the windshield clean and offer a clear view. Also, ensure that your car has wipers that are working in great condition which also helps in safe navigation. Don’t forget to check our Clear Shine Glass Cleaner, formulated with water beading polymer technology. This solution ensures a clean, streak-free shine. Moreover, it will also remove tough bird droppings, grime and insects, and provides an excellent water roll-off effect on glass.


Check oil

During winters, the motor oil is likely to thicken, which makes the engine hard to start. Hence, in such cases, using good quality viscous oil is advisable. This type of oil provides the ideal oil flow at low temperatures and ensures that your car engine is safe round the year.

Defroster and Climate Control

Last but not the least, it is also important for you to check your car’s window defroster and its climate control system to ensure perfect functioning.  The climate control system will keep you warm in winters and prevent your defroster from icing up. This will ensure complete safety and comfort at all times.

So don’t wait for catastrophe to strike, simply follow these five winter car care tips and keep your car in good shape during winter!

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